What Makes A Good Phone Cases for an iPhone?

What Makes A Good Phone Cases for an iPhone?

Each year, Apple consistently releases a new version of the iPhone, never failing to impress us. However, the last thing you'd want is to cause any harm or scratches to your phone shortly after acquiring it, right? Despite its stunning and fresh appearance without a protective phone case, it may come as a surprise how swiftly users encounter damage to their phone within a few days.

Whether you are looking to resell your iPhone 11 or recently treated yourself to the iPhone 14, we always recommend that you protect it from potential damage or scuffs. Here are a few ideas of phone cases that will keep your iPhone in mint condition:

Phone Cases for your iPhone

  • Bumper Phone Cases

If you’re someone who drops their phone frequently or works in an environment that can damage it easily, a bumper case is the perfect solution for your iPhone. Typically made out of TPU plastic, the primary function of a bumper case is to absorb the shock from accidental drops or impacts on the edges of the phone. The bumper case usually features reinforced corners and raised edges around the screen and camera lens to provide additional protection against scratches and cracks.


iPhone 14 Phone Case | NEOFIER


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  • Soft Silicone Phone Cases

A soft silicone phone case is perfect for your iPhone if you love colours and soft textures! The phone case is made from a flexible and durable silicone material that wraps around the phone with a slim and snug fit, keeping it protected from scratches and scuffs.


iPhone Soft Silicone Phone Case | NEOFIER


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  • Hard Shell Phone Cases

If you are looking for a protective phone case that can be customized to your liking then you may be looking for a hard shell case. Typically made from hard and durable plastic, the shell phone case offers basic protection against both scratches and drops. Although they offer a better grip when handling, you may find extra weight and bulk to the phone, making it less pocket-friendly.

  • Crystal Clear Phone Cases

An iPhone is not something you want to hide - and that’s what makes a crystal clear phone case the perfect accessory for protecting your phone. Usually made from a hard plastic, you can protect your phone from scratches, scuffs and drops. 

iPhone Transparent Crystal Clear Phone Case | NEOFIER

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  • Wallet Case Phone Cases

A little outdated but still a favourite for many, the wallet phone case is a great way to store your cards while protecting your phone. Although Apple has introduced Apple Pay to all of its phones, making it easier to make purchases - you may still have some difficulty from relying on it or separating yourself from your credit card. 

  • Battery Case Phone Cases

Apple have made significant improvements to the battery life of the latest models but if you’re still using an older model such as the iPhone 11, you may want to charge on-the-go. A battery phone case is a great way to keep your phone juiced while away from home. Although a great accessory, the downside to a battery packed phone case is that it can be quite heavy to carry and expensive. 

  • Vegan Leather Phone Cases

Faux leather phone cases, also known as synthetic leather or vegan leather cases, are made from man-made materials that are designed to look and feel like genuine leather. These materials can include polyurethane (PU) leather, PVC leather, or microfiber leather.Now, they may not have the same durability and longevity as genuine leather cases but faux leather phone cases are much more affordable and offer a wider range of colors and designs.


iPhone Faux Vegan Leather Phone Case | NEOFIER


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Ultimately, the type of phone case you choose for your iPhone will depend on your needs and preferences, as well as the level of protection you require for your device.

Take a look at the Neofier Collection to find out which phone case suits you best! 

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