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How Phone Accessories Can Impact Battery Life

Although smartphones are getting better, they're also slightly more delicate and have more features that can impact its battery life. Long gone are the days where you could drop your Nokia from a 4 story building and still find it in tact or get away with not charging it for 3 days where it'll still be half full. Whether you're a brand loyal iPhone user or a tech lover who prefers an Android, we can all agree that every single new phone on the market, regardless of model, are equally fragile. 

We all want to keep our phones looking fresh but aesthetic aside, we also want them to work... right? You'll be surprised to know that the accessories you use for your phone including screen protectors, cable chargers and power banks can massively impact your phone's battery life and its ability to charge effectively. 

Here are some phone accessories that you should be mindful of if you want long-lasting battery without damage to your phone:

1. Screen Protectors and Phone Cases

This one might sound like a little bit of a reach but it can still impact your battery life indirectly. Here's how:

Screen protectors and phone cases are accessories that aim to protect our devices from scratches and accidental drops but the wrong ones can lead to overheating. It is worth noting that high-quality, well-fitted products can avoid unnecessary overheating, which can lead to battery strain.

2. Chargers and Cables

Might sound like a little bit of an obvious one but when you're in desperate need of charger and decide to choose the cheaper option, you'll thank us later!

Charging accessories keep our smartphones powered throughout the day and using official chargers and certified cables can help maintain the battery's health by delivering the right amount of power and preventing overcharging. Low-quality or counterfeit charging accessories may not be optimized for your device, leading to slower charging times and potential battery damage.

How Power Banks can Impact Phone Battery Life | NEOFIER

3. Power Banks

We can agree that power banks have revolutionized our ability to charge our phones on the go, but they can negatively impact battery life too.

The efficiency of a power bank can vary, and some may result in energy loss during charging. The best thing to do is choose high-quality power banks with power-saving features and avoid charging your phone too frequently with them.

4. Wireless Charging Pads

Wireless charging pads are a great way to charge your phone without all the clutter from charging cables. However, they typically offer slower charging speeds in comparison.

Now, this alone may not significantly affect battery life but the constant use of wireless charging over extended periods can result in small amounts of wasted energy. We recommend using wireless charging sparingly or when convenience is necessary.

5. Battery Cases

Power banks are amazing but battery cases take things a step further as you can juice up your phone without wires and on-the-go.

Battery cases or charging cases are popular for people who require prolonged battery life. These cases have built-in batteries that can extend your phone's usage time. The problem is, using a battery case continuously can cause your phone's internal battery to degrade faster over time. It's best to use battery cases strategically and only when needed, rather than leaving them on all the time.

How Bluetooth Accessories Can Impact Phone Battery Life | NEOFIER

6. Bluetooth Devices

Brands have been working hard to remove the use of cables, in all forms and capacities. From your earbuds to smartwatches, connecting your phone to external devices have never been easier. 

You may have noticed that when you're connected to other devices through bluetooth, your phone's battery life begins to drain a little more than usual. This is because the constant pairing and syncing consumes additional power. To minimize the drain, disconnect or turn off Bluetooth when not in use and avoid using multiple Bluetooth accessories simultaneously.

7. Camera Accessories

We're in a social media era where almost everything is uploaded to Instagram, especially if you're an influencer. To enhance photography and videography, many people use external lenses, flashes, and other camera accessories for better imagery.

While these add-ons can make your pics Instagram worthy, they can also lead to faster battery depletion. Make sure to close camera apps properly after use and disable any additional features to conserve power.


Phone accessories undoubtedly enrich our smartphone experience, but they can also impact battery life. To make the most of your phone's battery, it's essential to choose high-quality accessories, use them judiciously, and be mindful of their impact on power consumption. Regularly calibrating your battery, optimizing your phone's settings, and practicing good charging habits are all part of maintaining a healthy battery life.

Remember that each accessory may have a minor effect on battery life, but when combined, their impact can be more significant. By understanding how different accessories influence power consumption, we can strike a balance between convenience and battery preservation, ensuring our smartphones stay charged and ready to meet our daily needs.

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