Does your charger affect battery life?

Does your charger affect your phone’s battery life?

We spend so many hours on our phones but with the right charger, your phone’s battery life will be restored for use in no time. In today’s market, a fast or lightning charger and charge cable is what we all rely on for a reliable, quick charge to our smartphones for convenience, especially to those who use their phones all day long. But how do we know whether or not we are using the right charger for our phone and not a charger that will affect our phone’s battery life?

In short, yes - the type of charger you use can affect the battery life of your phone but this is usually due to the use of a fraudulent or fake charger that doesn’t deliver the correct output to your phone which can cause significant damage to your smartphone by overheating or even exploding or electrocuting you (in the worst cases).

Although there are many alternative chargers on the market that will prove to be successful for short-term use, they may cause long-term issues for the battery life of your phone which is why it is important to take precaution and be aware of the type of manufacturer you are buying from. You definitely don’t need to go ahead to buy an expensive, original charger but it is best for your phone’s battery life to avoid any issues down the line by buying from a reputable company that sells certified products. 

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How can chargers affect your phone’s battery life?

If your original charger is faulty or broken, you will probably seek something a little cheaper to charge your smartphone than the original. You will find a number of manufacturers who offer a variety of chargers at different price points but going for the cheapest one may not always be your best bet. When choosing a new charger, we recommend that you do a quick dive into the manufacturer to check out their certifications and the output of their adapter.

We suggest finding a charger adapter that matches closely to the original output voltage (V) and current (Ampere) to ensure longevity in your phone’s battery. By using a charger that does not replicate the original adapter, you may run the risk of damaging your battery life, lowering battery performance and affecting the ability to store charge or like we mentioned earlier, in the worst cases, exploding the smartphone or electrocuting yourself. 

There are several factors that can affect the battery life of your smartphone. These can include high temperature, electrical stress and trickle charging which can be caused by defective, knock-off or cheap chargers.

Many of these chargers do not include the correct safety features to protect your phone against overheating or overcharging which could permanently damage your phone’s battery life. With a Neofier phone charger, you can feel assured that your phone will remain safe from any potential harm that may be caused by a counterfeit charger. In fact, a Neofier charger will charge your phone with the same capacity that the original adapter can with fast or lightning charge capabilities. 

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Does Fast Charging damage your phone battery?

Smartphone batteries are made from lithium-ion batteries which generally charge in 3 phases; a slow trickle, a constant current which progressively increases voltage and a final constant voltage where the current is slowly reduced to prevent overcharging, overheating and potential harm to the battery. On the other hand, a fast charger works in 2 stages of a constant current and a final constant voltage where the charger is reduced to a normal charge rate.

There are always questions surrounding the effects of a fast or lightning charger and whether it can cause a significant amount of damage to your smartphone however, this theory has been debunked as fast chargers have been made to power your smartphone battery cell for the amount that the device can handle to avoid overloading. 

Although the fast charging adapter is anywhere from 18 to 45 watts versus a normal output of 5 to 10 watts, fast charging adapters do not cause any long term damage to your smartphone device. As mentioned, this is because the fast charger charges your smartphone in 2 phases.

The initial phase of charging is where we see the “fast charge” at work. During this phase, you can expect your iPhone to reach 50% in 30 minutes and a Samsung to reach 70% where the second phase prevents any potential harm by deploying a slower charge to give your phone time to absorb the charge at a standard rate. 

Overall, fast chargers are safe to use and have been mechanically created to prevent overheating in the second stage of charging. This means that your phone may automatically stop the fast charging feature once it exceeds a certain threshold in the first stage to stop overheating and any possible damage.

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Charging precautions to take

When you are buying your next charger, it is important to verify a few things before going ahead to purchase it for use. The first thing you should do is check the input and output levels to ensure they match the original adapter of your phone manufacturer.

The input level for an adequate amount of voltage should be anywhere from 100 to 240 V where the output level should match the manufacturer level of 4.2 V, as an example. Checking the amperage, usually 1A, will always help you to avoid any damage from a charger adapter that is less or more than the required amount. 

The next thing you should do is validate the certifications of the manufacturer. The manufacturer has an obligation to meet the standards of practice with certifications such as CE and RoHS which shows that the product doesn’t contain any hazardous material that will cause damage to the phone and your outlets. Y

ou could also compare your new charger to the original, to determine the difference of weight and sound by tapping onto the adapter. 

Lastly, we recommend that you avoid constant recharges where necessary. It is suggested that you allow your smartphone to reach 20% before going ahead to charge it, however, you shouldn’t let your device lose its battery completely as it could lead to charging abnormalities. 

Rest assured, your Neofier charger meets all of the credentials of the original manufacturer charger to keep your phone safe and secure when charging. At a reasonable price, you can fast charge your phone without the added worry that it will damage your smartphone or its battery life.

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