What Does Your Phone Case Say About You?

What Does Your Phone Case Say About You?

A phone case and the personality behind it isn’t something that is typically discussed, but like many items that are purchased, there is a psychological aspect to phone cases that people choose to have. The phone cases many people choose may be representative of their lifestyle, age, personality, or even profession. For example, the CEO of a fortune 500 company will typically sport a plain or solid colour case; nothing too vibrant or conspicuous but a young, fashionable influencer might want something more fun and quirky to match their personality. Of course, aside from your profession, your age and personality will probably determine your choice in how you determine the best phone case for you.

Believe it or not, the phone case you choose tends to speak to your personality. Here we take a look at the different snug-fit phone cases that we offer at Neofier and how they could represent your personality and what they say about you to others. 


The Neofier transparent phone case is for those who have nothing to hide. When someone sees you with a transparent phone case, they’ll probably deem you as being honest, reliable and essentially, an open book. This phone case is for the minimalists and the loyalists. You care about protecting your phone but you don’t want to hide it. You’re not obnoxious but rather level headed and pretty grounded. 

With Neofier’s crystal clear case, you can maintain the sleek silhouette of your device and show it off without compromising its protection. The clear case is made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) which is a great material for your device as it is flexible, bendable, shock absorbent and lightweight. As the case fits snug onto your phone, you will hardly notice a difference without it!  

Transparent phone case

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The bumper case tells us that you’re reliable and like to take precaution. Although you’re aware of risk, you probably won’t take any and prefer to be in control of your decisions. Having a bumper case probably means that you like to keep things neat, tidy and clean. You probably even get irritated at the sight of things when they’re out of place or slightly damaged. The type of person with a bumper phone is usually the person who is always quick to replace anything that isn’t as it should be. You may even have insurance on your phone in case something happens to it! But that’s a great thing. You care about things and you value your family, friends and even your possessions. In fact, you are the person that everyone knows will make sure everything is well put together. 

The Neofier bumper phone case offers the best drop protection available on the market without the feeling of bulkiness. The crystal clear case fits snug against your phone and allows you to show it off while completely conserving its natural appearance. We believe that protecting your phone doesn’t mean that you must compromise on how it looks. This phone case is ideal for those who work in dangerous, trade or outdoor environments and want to maximize on protecting their phone. It is also great for those who may be a little clumsy or anyone who wants to keep their phone in great condition and want to give it extra shielding to prevent scratches, scuffs or shocks. If you drop your phone a lot, are a little clumsy or feel genuinely worried about ruining the original casing of your phone, the bumper case is perfect for you. With raised bezel and edges, you will ever have to worry about dropping your phone again!

Bumper phone case maximum protection, protective phone case for iPhones & Androids

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A faux leather phone case is for someone who sees themselves as being sophisticated but cares about the environment. You like wearing beautiful clothes, your house is probably gorgeous with a beautiful interior but most importantly, you like to look good and take care of yourself. Your friends see you as a trendsetter because you don’t follow the rules, you make them! You don’t want to be too loud but loud enough that you can make a difference and you most likely have a really great profession that puts you at the top of your game. 

The Neofier leather phone case comes in a variety of colours that are vibrant yet suave. The thin, silky, smooth leather case fits nicely snug against your phone so that you may never want to take your phone out of its case again.

Vegan faux leather phone case

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This phone case is for those who are in between minimalists and exhibitionists. You don’t want to show off too much of your phone but just enough so that people know exactly which brand you are loyal to. Maybe you like colours but you’re not crazy about being loud. You are charming, polite and one of the ‘cool kids’. Everyone wants to be your lifelong friend and know everything about you even though you hardly share much. You’re mysterious but an open book at the same time. You’re basically a walking oxymoron! to look and you probably work in technology or spend your time in and out of meetings. Your style is impeccable, your smile is contagious and you are admired by all. 

Our hybrid phone case is made with a combination of materials that gives you a transparent, matte frosted finish. The smart looking phone case protects your phone and camera against drops, scratches and scuffs while giving your phone a smart and stylish look. It fits so snug against your phone that you will hardly notice the difference without it.

Matte phone case, hybrid smartphone case

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